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Things to Do and See in London

London is top of many people’s travel plans. Attracting millions of visitors every year, it goes without saying that it’s the most visited city in Europe. The city hosts some of the world’s best history, entertainment, dining, art, shopping, and much more. There’s a wide variety of things to do and see in London such as:

Hyde Park

This is the largest green space in central London. Hyde Park hosts several memorial features and two water bodies, with Serpentine being the most famous. It’s a great place to picnic, stroll, see a number of swans, go paddle-boating on the Serpentine, watch outdoor film or concert during the summer, or simply take in a breath of fresh air.

London Eye

The iconic London eye delivers great views; 25 miles in every direction. Standing 443ft high, this giant Ferris wheel comes with air-conditioned passenger capsules and several luxury add-ons. It has interactive tablets that provide information about landmarks, in six different languages, as they appear in the skyline.

Buckingham Palace

A trip to London isn’t complete until you satisfy your fairy tale fantasies by visiting the Buckingham Palace. Parts of Queen Elizabeth the II’s London home is open for tour in the summers. From outside, you can witness the storied Changing of the Guard. The tour offers an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the royal lifestyle.

Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome casino is one of the most popular entertainment landmarks in the city. It’s a great place if you are into gambling or just looking to have a good time. Its open 24/7, plus you can walk in freely. It features games such as poker as well as all the best American sports. So, while in London, why not have some fun and earn cash as well at the Hippodrome

The Jack the Ripper Tour with Ripper Vision

The infamous unsolved crimes of Jack the Ripper have captivated visitors and locals alike. If you are into mystery and would enjoy doing some fun detective work, then you should definitely join this tour to try and figure out why he did it and how he got away with it.