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Playing Poker in England

Gambling is completely legal and untaxed in England, and the UK as a whole, making it the perfect destination for poker players. As a result, both land-based and online casinos are thriving throughout the nation, with plenty of poker sites on hand to suit every budget and experience level. Check out the following tips to help you get started: 

Game Basics

With its rich history, poker has evolved over the centuries, and continues to develop to this day. There are numerous varieties of the game available, from Omaha to Seven Card Stud, although Texas Hold’em remains the most popular variant across the world. The action takes places on a single table between multiple players, usually 2 – 10, and involves a rotating blind system. Every player receives 2 (hole) cards face down before calling, raising or folding. This continues after each round, until all 5 community cards are dealt. Any remaining players can use these cards in combination with their own to create their highest poker hand.

Strategy Tips

As with any game, poker does involve luck, although unlike Roulette or other table classics, using strategies in poker can certainly make a difference. The general rule of thumb for beginners is to play stringently and avoid taking chances. For example, only continue to bet if you are dealt one of the 10 best starting hands, such as Pocket Aces (2 aces) or Pocket Kings (2 kings). There are numerous great resources out there, that can really help develop your game to the next level.

Where to Play

Perhaps the most famous poker venue in England is Nottingham’s Dusk till Dawn, although punters up and down the country should easily be able to find a nearby casino to get their poker kicks. Many online gambling sites offer the chance to play for free, which allows you to perfect your game before investing a single penny.