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Historic Sites in England

An ancient country with a large number of different conquerors makes for a vast array of historical sites. The Romans came and went, so did the Vikings, the Saxons and the French, and all of them left their mark.

Our favourite historically significant places to visit:


The mysterious and iconic Stonehenge is in Wiltshire, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Considered to be one of the wonders of the world, this site dates back to prehistoric times and remains an area of interest – no one knows what the site was created for, or how the stones were moved into position. One of many Neolithic monuments in England, this is essentially England’s version of the Egyptian Pyramids.

Edinburgh Castle

Overlooking the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle sits atop an extinct volcano. Dating back hundreds of years, this magnificent building was home to many members of Scottish royalty, including Queen Margaret and Mary Queen of Scots. It has been restored in recent years and affords visitors a close look into the way of life from a time long gone by. From the Great Hall through to the Royal Palace St Margaret’s Chapel, this trip will be an eye-opener.


Located in Southwest England, the Roman Baths are a must-see. Originally the Celts built a shrine at this location, but over the time of their occupation, the Romans slowly built the city and the bathhouse that we know today. Built over a series of hot springs, which sadly visitors can no longer enjoy, impressive Roman architecture encloses the geothermal energy and creates a wonderfully warm and wholesome environment. There are multiple rooms and temples throughout the complex, including a temple for Sulis Minerva, sacred courtyards and even a spring runoff.

These places are just a start. England has a lot to enchant its visitors, as you will discover.