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When Visitng England

As a visitor to England, there are many little things that you may find odd as you make your way around. On the other hand though, there are so many quirks that make it a brilliant place to visit at the same time.Perhaps the most noticeable thing is that the English are very reserved. If something has gone wrong, don’t expect histrionics or a massive public show of outrage. They have a saying of keeping a stiff upper lip, which means not wavering or showing that you are being affected by a weird situation. If you see something strange happening, you really do have to keep calm and carry on.Driving can be a strange experience as well, beyond the standard driving on the opposite side of the road. Roundabouts in England can be huge, or they can be absolutely tiny. You can even have two mini roundabouts literally next to each other. Just remember to let the person to your right hand side have the right of way, and you should be able to survive these, but be aware. And linking to the first point, don’t make a big deal if somebody cuts you up. Keep that upper lip stiff!One other thing to be aware of is the intolerance that the country has towards smoking in public. A smoking ban was made part of the law of the land in 2007, which makes it illegal to spark up in an enclosed public place. If you do so, you could end up with a fine of £200 on the spot so don’t risk it!If you need a nicotine fix, you could consider picking up some new snus to use for your time out there. These would be perfectly legal to use, but do pick them up beforehand as they are not widely available in the UK yet. Snus Direct have a wide range of  new snus that can definitely meet your needs.